Pay per click campaigns

Pay per click (PPC) advertising offers better targeting of customers and good control on the money you want to spend on attracting potential clients.
Basically, you pay only when a potential customer clicks on the ad and visits your website. It is that simple.

We are offering full management of your advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing
Why them? Because this is where 99% of the people will search when they need a certain product or service.

With PPC advertising you choose the keywords that customers would use to find you. The better and wider range you have of keywords – the easier it will be to attract more visits to your website. There is no limit on the keywords used. Considering that you decide how much you want to pay per each keyword clicked that led to your website – there is no better way to control who will visit and buy from you.
It is very easy to come up with the right set of keywords and if you find it hard – we are here to help. Managing the online campaigns may seem hard to you so we offer to do it on your behalf. Optimising your budget and bidding on certain terms is not always an easy job. So just ask us and you will receive a professional service.

The most important thing you have to consider with PPC advertising is how much you want to spend each month and on which keywords.
We’ll do our best to keep you at the top of the search results and to bring you more and more visitors every day.


Chelseatrans Ltd

We have been working with Velichko for about two years now and all i can say is Thank you! Amazing results every time we start new project!

BigSmallSolutions Limited

We are happy to recommend you as an honest and reliable partner for web design and search engine optimisation.

Cinderella Cleaners

When we started with the BASIC WEBSITE package i thought that it will be a slow start. I had the time to rethink my website presence and after i went to WEBSITE PRO+ i understand the meaning of search engine optimisation.

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